Day Four on Lexiphania: Blogging about Blogging

The creation of this blog is untimely indeed. There was a time – not so long ago – when I worked as a designer, and I thought of myself as an artist. A visual one.

But at the moment, all I do is write. I am blogging (as previously disclosed) as the CougarQueen, I am rewriting a script for an animated film… I’m writing copy for a website… and the rest of the time of course, I spend writing to my NY fantasy date. That’s a lot of writing by any standards, and to make matters rather worse, I am a professional procrastinator.

So the question begs – Patricia’s nagging notwithstanding – why create a personal blog at this precise moment in time? Well, the answer is: procrastination. I just found that out myself, two sentences ago. I started tonight’s ramble thinking the answer was: because I LIKE IT. Well, I do. But I need to face the truth: I’m using this blog as yet another escapist tactic, so that real work stays on the back-burner.


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