Blogging and Birthday Suits

Today, I am turning 35, which bears little relevance, bar the title, to the rest of this post. I have just watched Juno again. Great film. Totally deserves all the praise it got, especially for its screenplay. And the writer, Diablo Cody, happens to be an ex-blogger who happened to be an ex-stripper… Well…

I haven’t been blogging long. But I might call Diablo Cody and suggest that we start a facebook group and see if anyone else joins in: “Formerly stripping bloggers.” Beforehand, I just need to work out which category it would fall under. I’m thinking either ‘Entertainment & Arts’ or ‘Totally Pointless.’

So yeah. The upmarket joint (please, don’t laugh) where I took my clothes off for cash in Paris didn’t keep me on very for very long. My early retirement was possibly due to a couple of diplomatic incidents in the dressing room. Or else I never was very good stripper. Maybe again it was both.

Now that you’ve stopped laughing, I just checked, and fifteen years on “Chochotte” Le Théatre érotique et chic du Quartier Latin has a website. Check it out and tell me it isn’t as exclusive as a gentlemen’s club gets. Go on.

Either way, that was a great experience. And so far, blogging ain’t bad either. Diablo said she often felt more naked writing than stripping. Well, I wouldn’t know. I always feel very naked. All day, everyday – I like it just that way. Except today maybe, but then London is under the maddest snow spell it has seen in 18 years.


4 Responses to “Blogging and Birthday Suits”

  1. Aurelia Says:

    Bon je suis en retard, hier j’étais dans le navion qui me ramenait à Berlin.
    Bon anniversaire ma Bianca Britannica !
    Je ne te souhaite qu’une seule chose, qu’on se retrouve pour le fêter à Berlin, à Paris, à Londres, au Laos…

    Je t’embrasse.

  2. André Toscano Says:

    Hi Fleur!

    I’m a friend of Patricia Furtado. And I know we never really met, although I heard a lot of things about you.

    Just wanted to wish you a (late) happy birthday, and hope everything runs smooth for you.

    Big kiss.

  3. biancafiore Says:

    Thanks André, and welcome to Lexiphania! Very busy with other writing at the minute, but should post again in the next couple of days!

  4. biancafiore Says:

    Marci Grettaschlag, malgre ton pseudo t’es une chouchoute quand tu veux.

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