Paraskevidekatriaphobia and Lack of Writing

I will now proceed to submit a reason, in a way of an apology, for the lack of writing referred to in the title of this post.

Real Life has taken over cyber-life in my recent life. Unfortunately, Recent Real Life also involved an awful lot of Death. However, and despite aforementioned title, Recent Real Life and associated Death entailed no Fridays and no number thirteens.

There is a connection here though. I came across “paraskevidekatriaphobia” as a side effect of wearing a Bear, Beets and Battleship t-shirt a few minutes ago, and the absurdity of the word seemed a good fit for the absurdity of Recent Real Life. It was the link I’d been hoping for, making it relevant to write about Death on Lexiphania, since Death is what’s happening now, and not blogging it – ignoring it – somehow feels more wrong than blogging it.

Also, as per the proverbial wake-up call and somewhat reassuringly, I got an urge to get things done now. Fittingly, the Lexiphania CNO* pointed me earlier to the Cult of Done Manifesto, which in turn, I’d like to point y’all to now. Check it out. It’s brilliant. Ok. Done!

*Chief Nagging Officer


It’s Past my Bed Time (again), but I’m Breezy

Oops, I did it again. It’s 5.29, got lost in the game… Needless to say, the way I play this game involves a lot of writing. Wrote all night, yet not a single line on Lexiphania. Well done me. In my defense, I’ll offer that this week is Not Falling in Love Week. And that’s an easy game to get lost in. Especially since I am simultaneously playing Not Falling Out of Love. Thank God I’m single, or else this might actually make sense. And I don’t think we want that.

So, errr, yes. I’ve got tactics and strategies in place: I’m standing ready for further confusion. With my current cougar blogging job and a potential new gig as a dating blogger for the – I definitely need to stay single so that I can do some research and write informed posts. I’m looking forward to lots of dates, and finally trying speed dating, possibly through (4 minutes instead of 3, woo hoo!)

The good news is, I’m really enjoying being single at the moment. The bad news is, in my experience, it’s precisely when you do enjoy being single that you inadvertently step into a long term relationship.

Hence the aforementioned tactics and strategies to keep a cool head between NY fantasies and London realities. It’s a fine line to walk, and there’s a geeky girl walking the same fine line in Lisbon right now. Her game plan is different, and she calls it Mastering Breeziness. But it’s the same line, and the same game.

And before you get bored: despite admittedly cunning appearances, this blog is not specifically a dating blog. I intend to ramble about a wide range of other things. Soon: how Saatchi & Saatchi got it wrong with the latest T-mobile “Life’s for sharing” campaign. It came so close to being right. But it’s so wrong.


Right. It’s 2.54am, which should be way past my bed time, but ain’t. Still, since it should, I won’t attempt to write anything that makes sense. But I’ve just opened a new twitter account and linked it all up on here and facebook and all that, so wanted to test it.

So that’s that. Especially since I recently (as in two hours ago recently) learnt that loss of virtue in a female is irretrievable. This was even the case as far back as 1811. So how could I have not known this?!?? Dear oh dear.

Blogging and Birthday Suits

Today, I am turning 35, which bears little relevance, bar the title, to the rest of this post. I have just watched Juno again. Great film. Totally deserves all the praise it got, especially for its screenplay. And the writer, Diablo Cody, happens to be an ex-blogger who happened to be an ex-stripper… Well…

I haven’t been blogging long. But I might call Diablo Cody and suggest that we start a facebook group and see if anyone else joins in: “Formerly stripping bloggers.” Beforehand, I just need to work out which category it would fall under. I’m thinking either ‘Entertainment & Arts’ or ‘Totally Pointless.’

So yeah. The upmarket joint (please, don’t laugh) where I took my clothes off for cash in Paris didn’t keep me on very for very long. My early retirement was possibly due to a couple of diplomatic incidents in the dressing room. Or else I never was very good stripper. Maybe again it was both.

Now that you’ve stopped laughing, I just checked, and fifteen years on “Chochotte” Le Théatre érotique et chic du Quartier Latin has a website. Check it out and tell me it isn’t as exclusive as a gentlemen’s club gets. Go on.

Either way, that was a great experience. And so far, blogging ain’t bad either. Diablo said she often felt more naked writing than stripping. Well, I wouldn’t know. I always feel very naked. All day, everyday – I like it just that way. Except today maybe, but then London is under the maddest snow spell it has seen in 18 years.

Day Four on Lexiphania: Blogging about Blogging

The creation of this blog is untimely indeed. There was a time – not so long ago – when I worked as a designer, and I thought of myself as an artist. A visual one.

But at the moment, all I do is write. I am blogging (as previously disclosed) as the CougarQueen, I am rewriting a script for an animated film… I’m writing copy for a website… and the rest of the time of course, I spend writing to my NY fantasy date. That’s a lot of writing by any standards, and to make matters rather worse, I am a professional procrastinator.

So the question begs – Patricia’s nagging notwithstanding – why create a personal blog at this precise moment in time? Well, the answer is: procrastination. I just found that out myself, two sentences ago. I started tonight’s ramble thinking the answer was: because I LIKE IT. Well, I do. But I need to face the truth: I’m using this blog as yet another escapist tactic, so that real work stays on the back-burner.

Day One on Lexiphania

This blog is going to be about nothing and everything. I’m already blogging for a job (which pays peanuts but is fun), on a very restrictive subject: cougar dating. When I figure out how to do that, I will put a link to that blog on the left, or on the right even maybe. Yeah, on the right – had to think about that because I’m not a natural with left and right. In fact, when I give directions to a driver, I use “your side/my side” for “left/right”. Sad, maybe, but it’s a practical solution to a very real problem.

But yes, anyway – back to our sheep. I intend to ramble a lot on here, and I don’t intend to restrict myself in any kinda way. You’ve been warned. Writing on is a frustrating exercise – I mean now many spins can one put on the whole younger man/older woman thing? Well, I’m certainly doing my best to work that one out and I’ll make sure I let you know. The answer might be 42, and that, my friends, might in fact be THE question. So here, yes, this blog is meant as a rambling platform with no boundaries, walls or ceilings. Whether it does live up to its idiotic title is another matter.

Hello world! (and Hello Tricia!)

Ok, it’s 3.19 am, so I’m hardly gonna start rambling properly right now. In fact, in a bid to reset my sleep pattern, I will switch everything off (lights, computer, brains) shortly. Or as soon as I feel like it anyway. But since I just opened this blog, I felt it was only polite to say hello. And whilst I’m at it, I’d like to explain the colour theme… well it’s pink “for girls”. Charlotte York would understand. But at last, that’s it. I’m all set up. Thanks Trish for nagging long enough.