Is the Pope Fancying Himself a bit of a Francisco d’Anconia?

Lately more than ever, if that was at all imaginable, Pope ‘Prada’ Benedict keeps putting his red pumps in his mouth. He’s even giving Prince Phillip (who, despite Eddie Izzard’s brilliant suggestion, is yet to appear in public with a big piece of tape over his mouth) a run for his money in the inappropriate statement stakes. Except that the problem with Beneditct ain’t only the statements. It’s also the actions.

Excommunication of a nine year old rape victim because she had an abortion? Reinstating an holocaust denying bishop and then admitting to the mistake (because of lack of internet research!?!!) ? Denouncing condoms in the fight against AIDS in Africa, because – hold your breath for it – they make matters worse? Are you trying to alienate absolutely everyone Benedict? Because then, way to go!

I mean, if one was trying to discredit the Catholic Church in order to speed up its impending crash, could one adopt a better course of action? I think not.

My guess is that the current Pope is in fact an undercover atheist and a big fan of Ayn Rand. I think he’s emulating Francisco d’Anconia’s destruction of d’Anconia Copper in Atlas Shrugged – and doing an amazing job of it. Let him be, I say. Or is it just me???