It’s Past my Bed Time (again), but I’m Breezy

Oops, I did it again. It’s 5.29, got lost in the game… Needless to say, the way I play this game involves a lot of writing. Wrote all night, yet not a single line on Lexiphania. Well done me. In my defense, I’ll offer that this week is Not Falling in Love Week. And that’s an easy game to get lost in. Especially since I am simultaneously playing Not Falling Out of Love. Thank God I’m single, or else this might actually make sense. And I don’t think we want that.

So, errr, yes. I’ve got tactics and strategies in place: I’m standing ready for further confusion. With my current cougar blogging job and a potential new gig as a dating blogger for the – I definitely need to stay single so that I can do some research and write informed posts. I’m looking forward to lots of dates, and finally trying speed dating, possibly through (4 minutes instead of 3, woo hoo!)

The good news is, I’m really enjoying being single at the moment. The bad news is, in my experience, it’s precisely when you do enjoy being single that you inadvertently step into a long term relationship.

Hence the aforementioned tactics and strategies to keep a cool head between NY fantasies and London realities. It’s a fine line to walk, and there’s a geeky girl walking the same fine line in Lisbon right now. Her game plan is different, and she calls it Mastering Breeziness. But it’s the same line, and the same game.

And before you get bored: despite admittedly cunning appearances, this blog is not specifically a dating blog. I intend to ramble about a wide range of other things. Soon: how Saatchi & Saatchi got it wrong with the latest T-mobile “Life’s for sharing” campaign. It came so close to being right. But it’s so wrong.